We’ve seen successful digital businesses orchestrate four key areas to move and learn fast. Our offerings are aligned around these.

Build Innovation Portfolio – Building a robust innovation portfolio requires the ability to anticipate plausible futures and build the capability to respond. Businesses need to think beyond their traditional value chains and understand ecosystems. Through scenario planning and ecosystem visualization, we help you build a strong innovation portfolio.

Lean Enterprise Thinking – Close to 85% of new products fail. What if you could reduce this by even 10%? Building on your innovation portfolio, we will help you manage uncertainties and increase you chances of success. We help you make sure that you are building the right product. We do discovery workshops and coach you on hypothesis selection, experiment design and related areas. We also help you build the product right with our agile coaching services.

Org Design & Operating Model – We are witnessing the emergence of a new paradigm of work that calls for a radical rethink of org structures, leadership and people practices. Building on a variety of progressive movements like Responsive Org and Reinventing Organizations, we have evolved a model to work with organizations of all sizes to help organizations with the following:

  • Evolve an IT organization that delivers true value to business
  • Rethink portfolio management – funding models, prioritization and related areas
  • Explore mechanisms to move beyond team level agility and look at how new ways of organizing and working can scale across the organization.

Culture Design – Irrespective of whether you are a rapidly growing startup or a well established firm, culture remains one of the most critical yet complex aspects of organizational development. We help you unpack “culture” and design interventions to improve decision making, conflict resolution, psychological safety, information flows etc.,We bring deep expertise in helping you think through this at the individual, team and organizational levels.  Key things we offer in this space:

  • Culture Diagnostic to help you gauge decision making styles, information flows and other areas that impact culture.
  • Bringing Values To Life Workshop – To help you move from values being just a poster on the wall to something that employees bring to life in the everyday interactions
  • Team Bootcamp – Specifically designed to help check team health and design custom interventions to move towards becoming a high performing team.

Also check out our “Gift Of Paradox” offering -our  training/coaching program for leaders and managers to help them balance seemingly contradictory yet complementary forces. We believe that leaders capable of holding the “tension of opposites” simultaneously – Resilient yet Vulnerable, Bold yet Humble and so on will catalyze organizational and culture change far more smoothly.

We use a combination of consulting, training, coaching and speaking to deliver our services.